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351st Civil Affairs Command



Civil Affairs

(Fort Bragg, NC)

352nd Civil Affairs Command




Chaplain (1LT), USASOC, USACAPOC (A)

   Civil affairs units support military commanders by working with civil authorities and civilian populations in the commanderís area of operations during peace, contingency operations and war.

   Used during both conventional and special operations, civil affairs forces have a vital role and are capable of assisting and supporting the civil administration during operations.

   Civil affairs specialists identify critical requirements needed by local citizens in war or disaster situations. They also locate civilian resources to support military operations, help minimize civilian interference with operations, support national assistance activities, plan and execute noncombatant evacuation, support counterdrug operations and establish and maintain liaison with civilian aid agencies and other nongovernmental organizations.

   In support of special operations, these culturally-oriented, linguistically-capable Soldiers may also be tasked to provide functional expertise for foreign internal defense operations, unconventional warfare operations and direct action missions.

   The functional structure of civil affairs forces and their expertise, training, and orientation provide a capability for emergency coordination and administration where political-economic structures have been incapacitated.

   Tactical civil affairs was provided to military commanders during Operation Just Cause in Panama, Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm in Southwest Asia, support to the restoration of the Panamanian government infrastructure during Operation Promote Liberty, management of Haitian refugee camps at Guantanamo Bay and stateside natural disaster assistance in the aftermath of hurricanes Andrew and Iniki.

    Civil affairs experts were also called on to help rebuild the Haitian civilian infrastructure during Operation Uphold Democracy. They also participated in NATO peacekeeping operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

    More recently, Civil Affairs units have deployed with ground combat units in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom to assist the Afghan and Iraqi people in rehabilitating their societies after the Global War on Terrorism brought an end to decades of war and oppression in those countries.

   Civil affairs Soldiers continue to play critical roles in the global peace and stabilization and reconstruction of both countries and they continue to provide support for ongoing missions in countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


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